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Setaflash Series 7 Closed Cup flashpoint Tester

Part Number 70000-0

Setaflash Series 7 Closed Cup flashpoint Tester is a fully automated closed cup flash point tester that can complete a flash/no-flash test in less than two minutes, or determine the flash point of a sample.

Bio fuel compatibleBio fuel compatible
Calibration and verification equipment availableCalibration and verification equipment available


The instrument allows testing within a wide temperature range of 0 to 300C, at either a specific temperature or in a controlled rising temperature ramp. All functions are accessed via a membrane keypad and digital display. The operator can select pre-programmed or custom test parameters, or override the program to perform non-standard tests. Variable parameters include Rapid Equilibrium or Ramp Modes; time, temperature and ramp values. Shutter operation, flame dipping, flash detection and barometric correction are all automatic. An audible prompt is sounded when an action is required from the operator or the test is completed. An integral printer provides a printout of flash point result, and an RS232 interface is provided for connection to a remote pc. The test flame operates from either mains gas or an optional Portable Gas Tank (13667-0). The test cup may be connected to a cooling water supply to minimise the time between tests.

Small scale flash point testers are universally specified in many international regulations to define and classify 'flammable' and 'combustible' substances. They provide the most precise and fastest means of carrying out flash point tests on a definitive flash - no flash basis, both in the laboratory and the field. A 2ml sample and 1 minute test time for low temperature tests make these instruments ideally suited for many applications. Petrochemicals, Biodiesel (FAME), adhesives, foods, flavours cosmetics, paints/varnishes, waste, pharmaceuticals, polishes, and aerosols are just some of the products routinely tested. Fully meeting the requirements of Rapid Equilibrium methods ISO 3679/3680, Setaflash Testers are the only small scale instruments with flash detection. Setaflash is specified by ASTM for testing Aviation Turbine Fuels (D1655), Diesel (D975), Fuel Oil (D396), Gas Turbine Fuel (D2880), and Kerosine (D3699), and is also the only instrument recommended for testing waterborne paints.

The Setaflash results have established relationships with other flash test methods such as Pensky Martens, Abel and Tag.

Supplied with: 2 ml syringe, 0 to 300C secondary reference thermometer with certificate of calibration, and instruction manual.


Temperature range Ambient to 300C (0 to 300C with 13870-0)
Cup material Aluminium
Test Modes Rapid Equilibrium and Ramp
Test Duration, Rapid Equilibrium Mode 1 minute below 100C, 2 minutes above 100C, or user determined 1 to 99 minutes
Ramp Rate User definable up to 5.5C/min
Heating and Cooling System Cartridge heater Circulating waster assisted post test cooling
Power 200W (maximum)
Voltage 110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (switchable)
Gas Supply Laboratory gas, 3kPa (0.44psi) maximum pressure or Butane from optional Portable Gas Tank 13667-0
Size (HxWxD) 19 x 31 x 25cm
Weight 6.1Kg

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Setaflash Closed Cup flashpoint Tester ASTM IP


Fully automatic operation
0 to 300C temperature range
Flash point test in less than 2 minutes
Small sample size - 2 or 4ml
Rapid equilibrium and ramp modes
Programmable test parameters
Integral printer and RS232 interface


ASTM D1655, ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM E502, BS 3900 Part A13, BS 6664 Parts 3 & 4, BS EN 456, DEF STAN 91-91, IP 303 (obs), IP 523, IP 524 (Obs), IP 534, ISO 3679, ISO 3680 (Obs), UN Class 3 Non-viscous Flammable Liquids


ASTM D7236Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Cup Ramp Method
IP 534Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Cup Ramp Method
ASTM D1655Standard Specificationfor Aviation Turbine Fuels
DEF STAN 91-91Aviaton Fuel Specification
ASTM D3828Standard Test Methods for Flash Point by Small Scale Closed Tester
IP 303 (obs)Determination of flash point -Part 1 - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method. Part 2 - Flash / no flash test - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
ASTM D3278Standard Test Methods for Flash Point of Liquids by Small Scale Closed-Cup Apparatus - paints, enamels, lacquers, varnishes, and related products
BS EN 456Method for determination of flashpoint of paints, varnishes and related products by the rapid equilibrium method
ISO 3680 (Obs)Methods of test for paints. Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests). Test for flash/no flash (rapid equilibrium method)
UN Class 3 Non-viscous Flammable LiquidsSmall Scale Flash Point Testing
ASTM E502Standard Test Method for Selection and Use of ASTM Standards for the Determination of Flash Point of Chemicals by Closed Cup Methods
ISO 3679Determination of flash point. Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
BS 6664 Parts 3 & 4Methods of test for paints. Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests). Test for flash/no flash (closed cup equilibrium method)
BS 3900 Part A13Test for flash/no flash (rapid equilibrium method)
IP 523Determination of flash point. Rapid equilibrium closed cup method
IP 524 (Obs)Methods of test for paints. Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests). Test for flash/no flash (rapid equilibrium method)